12:06 AM

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1:29 AM

how can you be so patient towards me
when I obviously can't give you back any?

which is my next mobile phone?

2:22 PM

call me crazy but i've been looking at mobile phones for the past 1 month
my phone is having problems so it's just the matter of time till i need to get a new phone!
and i'm so confused because there's like..tons of phones in the market now =/

i really like the phone T707
but i was kinda worried cause there's so many bad reviews about it
and yet at the same time,i saw pretty same amount of good reviews~!
so confusing sial ==

then i saw the W595.one of my friend has it and i really l
ike it too

argh..confused.i jz need to continue looking i guess ==

it's 2010!!

11:55 PM

I can't believe how fast time pass
it's like in the blink of an eye,1 whole year has just pass by
it's crazy when I recall everything that has happened during this year
and how fast everything just started and ended.

oh well..it's a whole new year ahead!
it's like a transition year when many friends of mine are going to college
or some are going to university
it's totally a big step in our lives

I've decided that I'm gonna take form6
I can't believe that i'm saying this,but I AM GOING TO 6th FORM..
it's definitely not easy but the future is in my hands
and I have the responsibility towards myself

It's funny that I never thought of my new year's resolution
but I know now..that my goal this year is to:
study real hard and focus on my studies
it's not easy to get excellent results in STPM so it's a must for me
it's a one way ticket and I can never look back again

May this be a great year :)

i wish i don't care

12:47 AM

there had been few stuff bugging me
i'm not saying that only I have problems
just wish I wouldn't care at some of the stuff

note to self:
i can't change what people thinks about me
i can't control how people want to feel about me
i can't stop what people want to say about me

i can't
i can't
i can't
sometimes i hate that word..
sometimes i just wish i could undo things

SPM is in 28 days
and i can't really concentrate and study with all my heart

*quote :
"storms make tree takes deeper roots.."

Show me you're here, show me your tears

1:33 AM

Marie Digby's songs are great!!
it's different from her first album though
but it's nice (:

since everyone can just listen to her songs
lets listen to acoustic version
(it's very very good!!)

Marie Digby- Feel

take me away

3:13 AM

trials is finally over(well actually still left one paper)
have been so sleepy throughout the exams

emotional battling this few months
wondering about so many stuff
guess i shouldn't have think too much until SPM is over
just can't help it
and i realized that i'm actually a complicated person
even I don't understand myself sometimes (maybe most of the times)

i'm trying to be a better person you see
i have changed pretty much and i hated me behaving like an ass
still working on it (:

its like 3 something in the morning and i'm suppose to be sleeping

*fairy please sprinkle me some sleeping dust
Jing Wen
17 going on 18
loves what I love

off you go

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